Apollo Ring - Hill Tribe Silver

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Wrapping gently around your finger, this adjustable hill tribe ring shines brightly, its hammered surface evoking both the craters of the moon and the awes they induce.

Size: adjustable

Material: pure hill tribe silver

Hill Tribe Silver
Using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, hill tribe jewelry is created by the Karen Tribe of northern Thailand with only 98% silver or higher. The remaining percentage points are accounted for by the solder (typically bronze) used to fuse the silver components together. This high-grade silver has a beautiful, velvet-soft luster all its own that becomes shinier with each wear, as opposed to the usual tarnish, and its greater silver content, when compared to the 92.5% of sterling silver, means that it is more pliable, allowing for small adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. Each piece is handcrafted and individual, and its intricate details, often carved, hammered, or stamped, serve as reminders of the expert artisan who formed it.

Approximate Size
Height at tallest: 15 mm
Height at shortest: 9 mm

This piece may feature slight variations and natural inclusions due to its handcrafted nature.

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